If you don’t already have survey fatigue, please consider helping out these librarians (and library school students) with their surveys:

Survey about reference transactions

[From Danielle Theiss-White] My colleagues and I are working on a book chapter about capturing reference transactions and could use your help. We have developed a survey asking how other libraries are capturing their reference transactions and would like you to take it! We will be using the data compiled from the survey in our research. Please consider taking this survey if you are currently capturing your reference transactions in some manner (paper tally sheet, web-based reference transaction tracker, desktop application, etc.). The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. The survey is located here: https://online.ksu.edu/Survey/take/takeSurvey.do?offeringId=81367

Please send comments or suggestions to Danielle Theiss-White at dtheiss@ksu.edu, Kristin Whitehair at kwhitehair@kumc.edu, or Jason Coleman at coleman@ksu.edu.

Survey of Computer Self-Efficacy of Academic Library Workers

This survey is for a library school project and I’ll be curious to see the results.

[From Jennifer Macaulay] The main portion of the survey contains questions that are intended to calculate people’s level of computer self-efficacy. There have been several studies which look at worker’s attitudes towards computers and technologies, but none have been done on library workers. In order to limit the scope of the survey, I chose to limit my research to academic library workers.