Me on a giant banner
Last week, I was in Puerto Rico, speaking all-day at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez (on the Western side of the island). I’ve gotten pretty tired of traveling over the past year, but this trip reminded me of what I loved about doing all this in the first place. The whole experience was fun for me, and, while speaking all day is always exhausting, it was less so thanks to the energy of the audience. The academic librarians I met in Puerto Rico were wonderful; so warm and welcoming and generous. One librarian and her husband were kind enough to take me hiking in El Yunque rainforest and to show me around San Juan. I usually get to meet great people when I speak at conferences (where I don’t already know people), but this time, I feel like I actually made friends. I was really blown away by their warmth and by the beauty and culture of Puerto Rico. I definitely plan to come back there soon and bring Adam this time. While I’m still not going to travel as much as I did before, this trip definitely brought back my travel mojo.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize my trip and who attended the conference. It really was a pleasure!