I am on a roll with this travel mojo! On Monday, I visited the Annual Conference of the Association of Christian Librarians in Quincy, MA to give a preconference entitled Building Academic Library 2.0. Like Puerto Rico, it ended up being a terrific experience. Everyone was so friendly and I was fortunate to have a really sharp audience who asked thought-provoking questions that challenged me too. Someone from the audience gave me a very kind write up here.

My slides are displayed below. The first time I gave a presentation like this was when I gave that keynote at UC Berkeley last November. Since then, I’ve been working to improve it and make it work for various time constraints (anywhere between 45 minutes and a half-day). Of all the variations on this talk, this one is my favorite. I feel like I was best able to articulate where I feel libraries need to be going in the future. It also helped to have a really fantastic and receptive audience. Thanks to everyone who came and who planned this conference!