There is a very small, select list of people who I really see as role models in this profession. One of them is Mary Chimato, Head of Access Services at North Carolina State University. Her generosity, her strength, her humility, her sense of humor, her unwillingness to be steamrolled by anyone, her focus on being a truly great manager… she exemplifies everything I hope to be. Whenever Mary writes a blog post about being a manager, I save it and read it several times, because she really knows what she’s doing.

There’s an opening at NCSU that involves working directly under her to develop innovative access services at the library. The idea of working with Mary is so tempting that I’d almost be willing to leave my new and rather awesome job for this position, but things are finally falling into place this year with library instruction and the opportunities for change are way too good to pass up. However, that wouldn’t stop you from applying for this Associate Head of Access and Delivery Service position at NCSU, a library that is already doing so many innovative things and will be building a new library over the next few years. If you’re looking for a job where you can really effect change in public service, this would be perfect.

I’m still trying to figure out if I have anything to write about my time at ALA (or that would be politic to write in a public forum). I had a great time and managed to create a schedule that didn’t completely exhaust or overwhelm me, but this conference just didn’t seem to have the energy that others did. And that may just have been how I experienced the conference, but I’ve heard the same from a few others (with the exceptions of a few events like the Social Software Showcase). Still, it’s always a pleasure to see my friends and colleagues and share interesting ideas. I always come from conferences with great ideas, but it’s usually more from talking to people instead of from going to sessions. Is that something I really need to fly across the country for?