Shovers and Makers 2009: I’m a winner! (So are you.)

In case you haven’t heard about the coolest new award in librarianship, I wanted to add my congratulations to all of the Library Society of the World Shovers and Makers award winners. This award was developed by three of my favorite people (who always manage to make me smile) — Josh Neff, Steve Lawson and Iris Jastram. Check out all of the awesome winners profiled on the site so far!

I feel privileged to be included among the inaugural class of Library Society of the World Shovers and Makers. Honestly, I identify much more with being Shover and Maker than a Mover and Shaker. I’ve pushed my way into a lot of opportunities that have allowed me to create some pretty cool learning programs and other projects that I’m really proud of. This award is all about irreverence, initiative, a belief in one’s self, and a celebration of our successes — all of my favorite things!

Most everyone I know is doing something great in their professional life. What accomplishment(s) are you proud of? Add a profile of your own awesomeness to the Shovers and Makers site! And if you’re not already a member of the Library Society of the World, join up! Who couldn’t get behind the LSW Cod of Ethics?