I still don’t quite think it’s hit me that I’ll be leaving in a few days for ALA with my husband and baby. Not only is it Reed’s first flight ever (and I sure hope he likes airplanes!), but it’s my first time speaking at an in-person conference since October (I gave two talks online during the winter). Having only been back at work a total of 8 days, I feel like my head isn’t quite back in the game yet, but nevertheless, I’m on two panels and am helping to organize an all-day preconference. No pressure!

The thing I’m most excited about is seeing the ALA Unconference that Michelle and I dreamed up almost two years ago become a reality. A lot has changed for Michelle and myself in that time (like we both have babies now!), but our commitment to the development of new and unique learning opportunities hasn’t. It’s been exciting to create something like this within the structure of ALA and I’m grateful to Jim Rettig for allowing us to make this happen as part of his Presidential initiatives. We’ve got a great group of participants and some really interesting discussion topics that they suggested and voted for. I’ll definitely report back here on how it all went!

Here’s my schedule so far for my time in Chicago:

Arrive with baby, husband and a lot of luggage. Collapse at my in-laws’ place in Lakeview and hope I wake up long enough to iron my clothes.

Friday, July 10
9:00 am – 5:00 pm – ALA Unconference, Hilton
6:30 pm – Dinner with some librarians I greatly admire

Saturday, July 11
1:30 – 3:00 pm – Life After 2.0 – A panel presentation with myself and some awesome folks like Helene Blowers and Lori Bell! McCormick Place West, Room W-190b
Other than that, I’ll be spending the rest of the day with my niece and nephew who are meeting their new cousin for the first time.

Sunday, July 12
Not quite sure yet what I’ll be doing in the morning
2:30 pm – LITA Awards Reception, Hotel Intercontinental (I’m getting an award! Eep!)
4:00 pm – LITA President’s Program
5:30 pm – Blog Salon – I’ll be there showing off my little bundle of joy

Monday, July 13
1:30 – 3:00 pm – The Ultimate Debate: Has Library 2.0 fulfilled its promise? – Another panel presentation, this time with myself, Michael Porter, David King and Cindi Trainor. McCormick Place West W-181
Dinner with my husband enjoying prime dry-aged beef and lobster mac and cheese. We don’t have stuff like that in Vermont.

Tuesday, July 14
Nothing planned — will probably walk around Wrigleyville with Reed and Adam.