MediaWiki-Based Research Guides

When I started work at Norwich, we had some subject-focused pages with extremely out-of-date lists of Internet resources. These were out-of-date because the subject librarians didn’t have any access to the web server or any HTML skills. With a budget of $0 I was looking for a free and easy-to-maintain tool that allowed individuals with no web design skills to create web content. After evaluating a number of options (this was before blog platforms had the CMS features they do today), I went with MediaWiki, which I was familiar with from my development of Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki.

I installed MediaWiki and skinned it so that it did not look like a wiki on the end-user side. I then trained our librarians on how to create and edit content using wiki markup. My colleagues really took to using the wiki, and soon we had a significant amount of content on the site.

At the time that the wiki was developed, I wrote a blog post explaining our strategy.

A specific research guide

A specific research guide

ProjectMediaWiki-Based Research Guides

ClientNorwich University's Kreitzberg Library

DescriptionIn order to have research guides that were easily updatable by subject librarians without HTML skills, I installed MediaWiki, skinned it to not look like a wiki, and taught the library staff how to use the wiki.


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