For those of you who don’t read Tame the Web and have no idea who Michael Stephens is, you may just want to ignore this post.

For those who do know Michael, I’m sure you know what word frequently comes out of his mouth (or on his blog or on IM) when he’s excited about something.


Poor Michael is stuck in a catch phrase rut. He’s adjective-deprived. And we need to help him.

michael's search for a new catch phrase

Since Computers in Libraries is coming up and those of us in attendance will probably hear Michael say “hot” a good 80 times during the Dead Tech Forum alone, I thought this would be the perfect time to help him find a new catch phrase. We need to have a catch phrase intervention. I know many of you are creatively minded and know Michael personally, so I am sure you’ll have some great suggestions for an exciting new catch phrase. Please add your suggestions to this post. Perhaps if we can suggest some alternatives, poor Michael can find new words to express his passion and enthusiasm for libraries and technology.

There’s a whole world of words out there. Let’s help Michael find a few more. 😉