Update: I am going to keep this survey open the rest of today (Tuesday) and then will close it when I get up Wednesday morning. I’ll announce the results then.

I know Michael is big on surveys and on user-centered change. So I thought, what better way to decide Michael’s new catch phrase than to have his “users” (i.e. us) choose it for him? I set up a survey in Survey Monkey with the many fabulous catch phrase options y’all suggested. So visit the survey and cast your vote for the best catchphrase. I’ll announce the winning phrase on this post and at Flickr as soon as the voting is finished.

Keep in mind when voting that Michael is a really sweet guy and doesn’t deserve a totally lame phrase.

Due to the fact that I don’t want to spend real money on this survey, the survey is limited to the first 100 voters. So hop to it! 🙂