This has been a crazy few weeks. So many exciting things going on and so many people I want to congratulate. First, I want to congratulate Chris Deweese on the birth of his beautiful baby girl Tess Isabel. Something like that really puts everything else into perspective. YAY!

Secondly, I want to congratulate Laura Crossett on her new job as a librarian in Meeteetse, Wyoming — population 351. What an amazing opportunity Laura has to provide outreach and to literally serve every single member of her community. And she’s already off to an amazing start. I am so proud of her and frankly, a little bit jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally, Library Journal has come out with their Movers and Shakers of 2006. The first thing that really excited me this year is that there are TWO Vermont librarians on the list! Vermont represent!!! Trina Magi’s fight for our essential freedoms is an absolute inspiration to me and she makes me so proud to be a Vermont librarian.

In the past when I read the Movers and Shakers list, I’ve known maybe two of the people on the list. I’m amazed that this year I know (or at least know of) so many of them. A hearty congratulations to John Blyberg, John (Sherpa?) Hubbard, Jill Stover, Christina Stoll, Beth Gallaway, Sarah Johnson, and all the winners I don’t know but hope I will in the future. I have been reading the Movers and Shakers issues for a few years now and can attest that your stories are really inspirational for library students and new librarians. They let us know what’s possible; they let us dream.

I remember one year ago when I hadn’t even gotten a first job and didn’t really know anyone in the blogosphere, I congratulated my not-yet-friends Michael Stephens and Aaron Schmidt on being named Library Journal Movers and Shakers (they were, like, my heroes at the time — still are). And I remember thinking then, one day, I hope I can be a Mover and Shaker. Not because I wanted accolades, but because I wanted to be doing the sort of cool things that Michael and Aaron and so many of the other Movers and Shakers were doing.

So it’s kind of crazy that one year later — and less than a year into my first professional library job — I am a Mover and Shaker. I’m thrilled to receive such an accolade, but looking at many of the other people who have been named this year and in years past, I know I have a lot of work to do before I can consider myself to be at their level of achievement. I’ve only just gotten started!

This is an amazing profession where people who have good ideas and are willing to work hard are rewarded, regardless of whether they’ve been in the profession 30 years or seven months. I feel so privileged to be a librarian!