Tomorrow (very very early) morning Adam and I are hopping on a plane and heading to DC for Computers in Libraries. This is my first Computers in Libraries, so I’m really excited! It’s also my very first time doing any sort of speaking at a conference. I’m not too nervous, since if I can’t talk intelligently about wikis for 15 minutes by now, I really have problems.

The sessions at CIL look terrific, but what I’m most excited about is meeting many folks I’ve admired for a long time and seeing blogger friends whom I haven’t seen since ALA Annual. If you’re going to be at CIL, I’d love to meet you. You can find my schedule here, though few things on it are really set in stone. I’ll have my computer with me, so you can e-mail me or you could probably also call me at the Hilton. I’m going to do my best to blog the conference since wireless won’t be ubiquitous. I’m bringing the trusty old pen and paper as a backup, just in case. 🙂