I just wanted to give people a head’s up that the wiki for this year’s Computers in Libraries conference is up and people are already starting to add content. I’ve already got my schedule online and I’m really excited about speaking at the conference and seeing some of the terrific talks on the roster. I’m bummed that I’m speaking at the exact same time as the talk I most wanted to hear Student’s World: Photo Diary Study (seriously, I should have become an anthropologist!). Hopefully someone will take good notes for me!

One thing that’s different this time around is that PBWiki now has a hot WYSIWYG editor, which is pretty sweet (though I hear it only works with IE and Firefox)! Hopefully this will make wiki editing a lot less intimidating for folks who didn’t want to learn wiki syntax. I know some wiki folk are anti-WYSIWYG, but honestly, if we want to get average folks using wikis, this has to be the direction we move in.