I’m so happy to finally be able to publicly congratulate Dorothea Salo on her new job as Digital Repository Librarian at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I knew Dorothea enjoyed her job at George Mason, but like me, she is not a city person and I know how city life can wear on someone who isn’t built for it. It sucks to live somewhere that doesn’t feel right for you. I’m totally bummed that I’ll be going to DC twice this year (CIL & ALA) and won’t be able to see my friend, but I am incredibly happy that she is going back to the place where she has that same sense of fit I feel in Vermont (we all deserve that). Wisconsin, you are damn lucky to get her back and you’d better treat her right!

I was IMing with Dorothea when she got the job offer, so I may well have been the first to know. That is a terrible thing for me because I have so much trouble holding good news in (evidence: no one in my family has ever gotten a present on their birthday — always before).

Congratulations, Dorothea!