I was beyond thrilled to see the Wired article featuring Helene Blowers’ amazing Learning 2.0 project and model. You know when you make it into something like Wired, you’ve MADE IT. 🙂 It pleases me to no end to see so many libraries replicating the program to provide accessible and fun technology education to staff and to see Helene getting some well-deserved recognition.

Michael Casey and Michael Stephens also deserve a big pat on the back for their brand-new column, “The Transparent Library”, (great title!) which will be featured in Library Journal each month starting next week. Both Michaels have given me a lot of food for thought on their blogs, and I can’t wait to read their observations and ideas for creating a transparent library. You go guys!

This has turned out to be a great day after all! Congrats to all of you!