Bad news, folks. 🙁 Apparently the printer of my book screwed up big time and the book is going to have to be completely re-printed by another company. According to the Editor-in-Chief at Information Today Books, John Bryans, the cover is too dark and at least 60% of advance copies have defective laminate. They are going to pick out the best of the bad batch to bring to Computers in Libraries for my book signing, but, other than that, it’s going to take another five weeks for anyone else to get the book. I’m definitely disappointed, but there’s nothing really anyone can do about it. And I apologize to everyone who has ordered books and was hoping to get them really soon. I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

I had noticed that the book cover looked darker than what they’d e-mailed to me (though I figured things often do look different on the Web) and that the plasticy stuff on the cover was kind of peeling from the edges of the book, but I didn’t know how big a problem it was until John e-mailed me about it.

It’s just been a bad few days. I’ve had the flu since last Friday night. I’m not deathly ill, but just feel systemically awful with fevers coming and going. It’s definitely nice to have a doctor in the house (my husband) when I’m feeling this way, though there isn’t too much anyone can do for the flu. I don’t know about y’all, but I have the weirdest and most stressful dreams when I’m sick. Last night, I was forced to assemble a unicycle (or maybe it was a bicycle with missing parts) underwater. And I am not good at holding my breath. The night before, I was involved in international intrigue and was running from some dastardly international organization (SPECTRE? SD-6? Cobra?) and after that, I had a dream where I was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress and was stressing about making myself presentable enough to go to the Oscars (to the point where I was actually thinking about hairstyles). Sheesh! I’ve got enough stress in real life… I don’t need it in my dreams too.

I promise, I’ll be back to my usual self soon. No more “woe is me” posts. I’ve got a pretty great life; I have a lot more to be grateful for than I do to complain about.