When I was asked to be one of the Top Tech Trend experts, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to attend the actual panel session this year, because I was slotted to be on another panel at the same time. I knew I’d at least post something to the LITA Blog, but I wanted it to have the “Meredith flavor.” I assume I was asked to be on the panel to add a somewhat different point of view. I have a different focus than many of the folks already on the panel; probably because I spend at least half my time in the public services realm. My trends don’t mention the OPAC much (and I don’t actually use the word OPAC at all). I also describe some examples, because I always like to see how a trend is starting to actually take shape in libraries and I thought you might too. But I’m also a visual learner. I like to actually see what someone is referring to while they are referring to it. I decided that the best thing to do would be to create a screencast of my trends. So you can either read the script of my screencast, or you can listen to me give the talk while watching the applications I’m discussing.

You can watch a full-screen version (recommended) or you can just watch it on the small embedded player on the LITA Blog. I’d recommend the full-screen version because it’s hard to make out details on the itty bitty embedded player.

I like doing screencasts, because it feels like the closest thing to actually being there. I was so happy to get to listen to a podcast of the TTT panel at Midwinter since I couldn’t make it to the conference. It’s great to make this stuff accessible to folks who can’t attend conferences. It makes me feel good about being a member of LITA. And the Social Software Showcase really makes me happy to be in LITA! (Hey, what’s up with all the alliteration in LITA? Top Tech Trends? Social Software Showcase? I like it!)

I came up with a lot more than four trends, but it would have been an hour-long screencast if I’d kept it up! Besides, I’ve got to save something for Midwinter.