I’m almost afraid to mention this for fear that I’ll jinx it, but it looks like my book is finally available through Amazon.com! It says “In Stock” and everything! Huzzah! Thanks to Rob and the rest of the folks at Information Today for helping to find a way to get the books to Amazon and I again apologize to anyone whose order was previously canceled. It’s nice to feel like the book is finally really and truly out there! Woo hoo!

I just got back from what was an exhausting but exciting ALA conference. All of the conversations I had and talks I went to really stirred up a lot of ideas for me that I’d like to turn into blog posts. So expect to see a slow trickle of blog posts about ALA in the coming days and weeks. I didn’t take notes really, so it’ll be more impressionistic than a real account of what people said. It was nice to just take things in instead of worrying about writing down everything people were saying. It let me see the big picture.

Now to bed… exhausted… but happy. 🙂