At the end of my last post was a little love letter to the “pocket of wonderful” at my work; a group of librarians I think of as my learning community. At first, when I was the Head of Instruction, these people reported to me and/or were part of my Instructional Design Team. This was the team that built Library DIY. And even after my job was reorganized (new management, new structures) over the summer — something I’ve barely talked to anyone outside of work about because I was so sad — and the instructional design team ceased to exist, and they didn’t report to me anymore, we still behaved very much like a team. We make each other better. We inspire each other. We still work together (when we don’t have to) to improve the things we’ve built. We’re a great group and I’m so proud of what we’ve all accomplished.

But even better than all the kudos I give to to Amy Hofer, Lisa Molinelli, and Kim Willson-St. Clair every chance I get is the recognition of our peers in the profession. I recently learned that we have been awarded the ACRL IS Innovation Award for Library DIY. We are so honored and thrilled to receive this award. It just feels like such validation of our work and also of our team.

Thanks to everyone else who helped make Library DIY a reality: the amazing Tom Boone who made my crazy idea work behind the scenes, Mike Flakus, Chris Geib, C. K. Worrell, Andrea Bullock, and all our colleagues who provided feedback along the way. And thanks to the members of the award committee who chose to recognize our project! We couldn’t be more thrilled.

ACRL IS Innovation Award