Wow! I can hardly keep up with all of Google’s betas and latest acquisitions! Google Suggest seems to be their newest beta (though don’t quote me on that). It’s looks just like the usual Google search box, but as you are typing in your query, a box drops down with suggestions of what you might be trying to type with the number of results you will get with that query. It can be great for bad spellers (like me), except for the fact that it also suggests the incorrect spellings of a name. For example, when I looked for the famous Western director, Sam Peckinpah, (no easy feat to spell correctly), it suggested the correct spelling as well as about five incorrect spelling. But if you look at the number of results you get from each spelling, it’s pretty easy to figure out which one is correct. It’s nice to be able to see how many results you will end up with before you even begin the search, so you know if you need to narrow it down or not.

Thanks Research Buzz!