It’s like a TiVo hack created by TiVo themselves! TiVoToGo is their newest offering, a free service that allows users to transfer the shows recorded on their TiVo to their computers (via your wireless or wired network). It’s only for series 2 TiVo’s and currently only works on computers with Windows 2000 or XP, but they’re planning on making it available on all TiVo’s and other operating systems. I know there are plenty of cool TiVo hacks, but how nice is it when a company realizes what people want to do with their product and design a way to do it?!?!? I plan to spend our long drive up to Chicago next month with the laptop on my lap watching all of my favorite shows.

For more information on TiVoToGo, take a look at these stories from the New York Times and Wired.