I’m starting to get excited! Internet Librarian is coming in one month!!! Ok, maybe I’m a little bit more excited about the week before that which I will be spending in the Wine Country with Adam. But I am really excited to see my librarian friends, meet some people I’ve been dying to meet, go to some thought-provoking presentations and have some really exciting chats in between them. It looks like it’s going to be a rockin’ conference!

We have a wiki again for this conference and I hope anyone who has been to Monterey will do their part in recommending great restaurants, things to do, etc. At the moment, there isn’t a lot in the restaurant section and that’s usually the most useful section on the wiki — at least for me. I also created a Conference Reports section this time around where people can link to their blog posts or — if they don’t have a blog — can actually post their own conference reports. It would be great to have that sort of stuff all collected in one place. Conference tags are great too, but I find it particularly useful to be able to see all of the coverage on a specific session in one place so that I can see how differently people perceived it. So please, let’s all work make this a truly useful resource that will benefit all of us!

I am doing A LOT of speaking at Internet Librarian — a presentation, a panel, a preconference workshop and a CyberTour. You can find the schedule of my talks and my tentative conference schedule here on the wiki. I’m pretty excited about my RSS and JavaScript talk, both because I have the pleasure of working with Paul Pival and because it’s not about wikis. 😉 It’s definitely easier to talk about something you know really well, but it’s much more fun and challenging to stretch yourself to learn a new topic and talk about it. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all my upcoming talks in the Fall, so I’m kind of looking forward to a quieter Winter and Spring, speaking-wise. I find speaking a whole lot more stressful and time-consuming than writing.

Hope to see you at Internet Librarian!