Before I lost my Survey Monkey pro account, I created a bunch of results filters and exported them as PDF files. They allow you to see how a group who answered one question a certain way answered all of the questions in the survey. I think they add richness to the results and I’m sure you’ll find them really interesting. Here they are:

Filtered by age

Results by gender

Results by library type

Of those who don’t have a library/information degree

Results by types of positions


Random Filters

If you’d like me to publish other filters, I’d be happy to do it if someone is willing to give me the $20 it costs to get a pro account for a month. I already spent $40 on the survey, but if you’re really interested in specific data, I’d be happy to retrieve it for you for the price of a pro account. If someone does bankroll that, I’ll post about it since I’ll have the pro account for a month and then can do any filtering you’d like.